elcome to TeaInfusers and TeaBalls (.info & .com), a resource for those interested in accessories used in the brewing of tea with an emphasis on tea infusers, commonly called tea balls or teaballs. Pictures of tea accoutrements along with pertinent facts are presented as starting points of reference for collectors and others. Tea infusers range from works of art to merely functional and from whimsical to mundane, and a broad spectrum of infusers made from sterling silver and other materials will be featured on this site. Whatever the age, shape or material, tea balls are a fun and compact item to collect.

Infusers from several collectors are featured initially and more infusers and other tea items will be added steadily, so we invite you to return frequently. "Submit an Infuser" enables guests to submit pictures and information relating to their tea infusers / tea balls or other categories, with the options of being credited for the submission or only to be identified as a guest. The emphasis at first will be given to infusers that are not already featured in other books or references. Tea infuser drip stands, a nice way to contain the drips after a tea ball has been used, will also be shown. Featured to a lesser extent will be spoon type infusers, tea strainers and tea caddy spoons.

Search and sort categories for infusers will be by Manufacturer, Shape (sometimes a very nebulous and subjective area), Height, Weight, Design Number, and Closure.

Photographing sterling with all of the reflections it picks up is a challenge, but we hope the pictures will at least give viewers a fairly good idea of the actual tea ball. Since the photographs will come from many sources, a helpful way to gauge the size of the infusers will be to sort the tea balls according to height.

The designations Common, Uncommon and Rare will be used as a general guideline for the availability of each infuser. The Estimated Pricing is just that; all it takes is for two collectors or buyers to want the same infuser, and the price can be significantly higher, especially in the world of on-line auctions. However, many very fine sterling infusers can be purchased for under $100.

It is our hope that by contributing to this website, or by others creating more websites featuring tea accoutrements, the resources for collectors and others interested in this field will be enhanced. We hope that you enjoy your visit to TeaInfusers.info.

Elizabeth Crozier