Resources: Internet

Ard, Kevin. No longer an active site. Please reach out to the site manager and the information will be updated. Mr. Ard's commissioned pieces on this site are amazing and it was a pleasure working with him all those years ago.

The site home page started with this: "A cup of tea becomes a work of art. Steep your finest tea leaves in a handmade tea infuser worthy of the occasion. Each one-of-a-kind tea infuser is designed and hand crafted by the artist out of Sterling silver, high Karat gold, and genuine precious and semiprecious stones."

Bryson-Beisel, Heather. No longer an active site. Please contact to update. "One of a kind, handmade fine and functional art for your body and your home. A variety of mediums are used by the artist to create unique jewlery and objects of art." See Current Artisans, BBH101

Chitra Collection, The is an extraordinary private museum of historic teawares. In 2011 Nirmal Sethia, the Chairman of the luxury tea company, Newby Teas, set himself the task of acquiring the world’s greatest collection of teawares to record and preserve tea cultures of the past. Today, the collection, named in honour of his late wife, Chitra, totals almost 2000 objects and is already the world’s finest and most comprehensive of its kind.

Collectors Weekly, The. Starting out with the question "What Do You Collect?", The Collectors Weekly site is a clearing house resource for people who love antiques and collecting. Their goal is "to create a place where people can explore and learn, and to showcase great collections and collectors." Of course, we especially enjoy their sterling silver tea and coffee links. We want to especially thank founder Mr. Dave Margulius and staff member Maribeth Keane for featuring our site in their Hall of Fame. We are honored!

Eden Sterling Company, The. "We sell a wide range of popular and useful books on collecting and identifying silver." Whiting Manufacturing Company Catalogue-1896 pages reprinted with the permission of The Eden Sterling Company. Many thanks!

Online Encyclopedia of American Silver Marks. No longer an active site. "This is a collection of hallmarks from American manufacturers and retailers of sterling silver, coin silver and silver plate." The Book Store.

Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks and Makers' Marks. A wonderful resource for collectors of all types of silver.

Ostwald, Peter. Memorial site for Mr. Ostwald's (1940-2020) work. "We Offer Art Objects and Fixtures for the Home and Individualized Instruction in Jewelry and Art Metal." See catalog number OST101.

Ring Boxes Galore. No longer an active site. Another resource for the sterling collector from collector and dealer Courtney Hildebrand; several of the manufacturers listed on this infuser site are found on the RingBoxesGalore site.

Silver Collection "A Small Collection of Antique Silver and Objects of Vertu." Every collector needs to bookmark this wonderful site which is owned and maintained by Giorgio B. of Venice, Italy. If you have an article of silver with unknown marks, chances are you'll be able to come up with its country of origin and maker on this site. We send our heartfelt thanks to him for all of his hard work to provide this valuable resource for us all.

Stieff Company, the. The creator of this site, Mr. Scott Perkins, states his purpose: "This site is the most complete and accurate record of The Stieff Company that you will find anywhere. The Stieff family has provided invaluable information, records and family documents so that the story of The Stieff Company can be told."